Two Twitters? The Whys and Whats

Angellogo2Admittedly, I am more fond of facebook than twitter. I won’t however admit how much time slips away from me while ON facebook. But I do enjoy twitter, most of the time. Not that I ever saw myself needing not just one, but two twitter accounts.

However, to understand the real why of a second account, I need to backtrack for a bit.

When I first started working seriously on No One’s Angel, I had to decide if I wanted to use a penn name or not. No One’s Angel is very different than Souls of the Stones. I mean, sure, it’s still a sub-genre of Romance. It’s still got an awesome, strong heroine. But that’s about where the similarities end. NA Contemporary Romance, vs YA Fantasy Romance. The biggest difference though isn’t in the genre, but in the voice, and the clean-factor. Souls of the Stones stays very much on the side of a clean read. Very minimal cursing, fade-to black, sweet romance. No One’s Angel is gritty, and real, and at times very harsh. While I do believe there is going to be a lot of crossover in the audience, I know not all of my fans will be fans of both works. And that’s okay.

I decided not to use a penn name, because ultimately, I do think that fans can crossover between the two, and because I want my brand, as Kelly Walker, to be known for romantic stories that do fall in different subgenres. I have a paranormal romance, and an adult romance planned. The only common thread, is romance. So no penn name for me.

But, while I’m not using a penn name, I am trying to be respectful. I know there are younger fans of Souls of the Stones, as well as older fans who prefer not to see the more explicit excerpts. So with that in mind, I’ve set up a second twitter handle. @HeCallsMeAngel will be tweeting as Tess/Angel from No One’s Angel, and the updates from that account will be more in keeping with the character, and less mindful of keeping it clean.

There will definitely be some crossover between content on the two handles, so don’t feel like you’ll miss the release announcement if you only follow me on facebook, or here, or @KWalkerWrites, (and the best way to be sure you see release announcements, is to sign up for my mailing list on my sidebar.) But if you think hanging out with Tess sounds like fun, follow @HeCallsMeAngel and get to know her a bit better while I finish getting No One’s Angel ready to land in your hands. Feel free to ask her questions about the book, and she’ll answer what I let her =)