#TeaserTuesday for Jaded Stone + Updates

#TeaserTuesday for Jaded Stone + Updates


This has been an insanely chaotic week or two for me.

If you follow me on facebook, you know our cat got severely ill. After over a week of IV fluids every two hours and every 4 hours overnight, and having to forcefeed him several times a day, we finally discovered that he didn’t have kidney disease as first indicated. He’d swallowed the head of one of my daughter’s toys.

One expensive emergency surgery later, and the cat is recovering nicely.

That’s the goodnews.

The bad news is, now that things are settling down, I’m coming down with something yucky. It’s a typical fall cold I think, but it’s keeping me up all night coughing, and after a week of being up each night to administer fluids to the cat, I’m drained.

I’m not expecting this to delay Jaded Stone. Jaded Stone just came back from beta editing, I’ve got a few small tweaks to make and then it goes off for line edits. So we are getting close.  The cover reveal will be October 29th, and if you’d like to participate in that you can sign up here.

ARCs will not be on Netgalley for Jaded Stone. However, ARCs will be available, and you can expect signups for those to go up around the time of the cover reveal. Just a heads up, we will be asking to see a link to a review of Cornerstone in order to be approved for an ARC.

We had a few issues with some of the No One’s Angel ARCs being pirated, and so sadly, we are going to be a bit more cautious in giving out ARCs. We also had several reviews that were along the lines of “I don’t really read or like this type of book, but it was free on Netgalley, so I figured why not.” It is our hope that by limiting ARCs to those who have read and reviewed Cornerstone, we will ensure that the limited number of ARCs  we’re providing end up in the hands of those who are truly interested in the series, rather than in the hands of those who are just snagging it because they can.