#TeaserTuesday – Guest Excerpt from Anna Cruise

Happy Tuesday!

Today, as a special treat, I have a teaser of someone else’s novel instead of my own, just to mix it up a little bit. Anna Cruise has just released a highly anticipated NA Romance–Down By The Water, and she gave me an awesome excerpt for you all.




[box style=”gray rounded” ]Lily can’t escape the past.

Ten years after a tragedy tore her family apart, Lily is on her way to college for what she hopes will be a fresh start. Instead, she finds herself broken down in the place she swore she’d never return to, the place by the water that damaged her family beyond repair. When Ty Reilly offers her help, she reluctantly accepts, eager to get her car fixed and get the hell out of town.

But before that can happen, an eerily similar recurrence stops Lily cold. With her identity and ties to the old tragedy revealed, new suspicions cast a bright light on Lily. Everyone around her – the guy who offered her help, her own wayward sister, and the town sheriff who remembers her from a decade earlier – begins to wonder if her reappearance is merely a coincidence or if she’s somehow involved.

As Lily begins to thread together strands from the past with the present, she realizes that there’s no such thing as a coincidence down by the water.

And that you can’t ever really leave the past behind.[/box]


Ty smiled and the dimple in his cheek appeared. “Well. Nice to meet you, Lily.” He fished a set of keys out of his pocket. “Grab your stuff and let’s go.”

But I didn’t move. I stood there, frozen, as I mulled over my options. It didn’t take long because I realized I didn’t have many. I could stay with the car and hope Ty was wrong about the tow truck driver. Or I could go with him. If I stayed and Jimmy the tow truck driver didn’t show up, I’d be stuck with either staying at the car—with nothing to eat or drink, and no way to contact anyone—or I’d have to hike the four miles into Pelican Lake. I stole a quick glance at the sky. And I’d have to do it in the middle of what looked like it was going to be a massive summer storm.

“Look,” I said, my voice wavering just a little. “I didn’t mean to come off like a bitch. I’m sorry. But I don’t know you. I’m not just gonna get in your truck with you and go, you know?”

He nodded his head slowly, agreeing. “Yeah, I get that. I could be some serial killer or something. Maybe I’m just making stuff up about knowing Jimmy. Maybe there is no Jimmy.” He said it so casually, his voice so calm, that it sent tingles up my spine.

“I mean, maybe I already offed him,” he continued. He motioned to the highway. “Maybe his truck is just out of sight. Pushed into a corn field or something.”

I listened intently, my heart beginning to race. Holy shit. This was not something I’d bargained for.

“Or maybe,” he said, his eyes returning to mine. “Maybe I’m just a nice guy who wants to help.” He reached into his pocket again and withdrew a cell phone. “Maybe I’ll let you use this to call whoever you want. Including your family and the tow truck company. And A-Plus Auto. And my mom.” He grinned. “So she can vouch for me.”

I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

“I’m a nice guy,” he said gently. He smiled and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “Just looking to help you out. That’s it. I promise.” He held the phone out to me. “So. Who do you want to call first?”


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