#TeaserTuesday and a Cover Reveal for Jaded Stone

I am many things, but patient isn’t one of them.

I’ve been dying over here, trying to contain myself, while waiting to show you the Jaded Stone cover.  Here’s what happened. I designed the Jaded Stone cover, and I was pretty happy with it. It was beautiful. Beautiful enough that I’ll show it to you in a minute.

Then, the day after I finished the cover, I was on pinterest, looking for images to pin to my SOTS board. And I came across this amazing image. Unfortunately, the image pinned on pinterest didn’t have a clear watermark or even a link to where it could be found.

This image was so perfect that I couldn’t just forget about it. So, I did a reverse image search on google, and found a duplicate of the image, but this one had Claudia of Phatpuppy’s watermark on it! By now I was started to get excited, realizing there was a chance I could secure this artwork as a cover. But I couldn’t find the image on her site. Was it already sold? I was freaking out when I emailed her, sure she was about to dash my hopes.

But she didn’t! The stars aligned and the image was available, and I of course told her I’d take it =)

So, there you have the story of how Jaded Stone got its cover =)

First–the actual cover–this is the paperback wrap version.

And here is my originally planned cover. I liked this one a lot, because there is something in her expression that really fits with how I see Valencia. And much of Jaded Stone takes place near the sea, and of course the Roths are very closely connected to the sea. There’s also a scene where she is purposefully cloaked, so this image fit nicely with the book.

Are you getting excited about Jaded Stone yet? Here’s your teaser for today.

[box style=”gray rounded” ]

His mouth captured hers briefly, before she claimed his in a fervent struggle of give and take. “This doesn’t change anything,” he whispered breathlessly against her lips.

“I know.” A solitary tear slipped out of the corner of her eye as she stilled against him, resting her forehead against his, her blonde hair falling in a curtain around them. “Do you think, if circumstances were different, you could have loved me?”