No One’s Hero is officially live

NA Romance by Kelly Walker – To save her live, he’ll have to surrender his heart.


Well, after a wait that was much longer than I ever intended, No One’s Hero is finally available.  I hope you read it, love it, and agree that it was worth the wait. Lexi and Kevin’s story isn’t as emotional as Angel’s and Arion’s, but it’s not without some drama. Plus there’s the whole mortal danger thing =)


There’s also a bit of a shocker at the end, so please don’t kill me. Those of you who adore Axel are going to love the tidbit that Kevin reveals about Axel, and Axel’s family, and I hope it gets you even more excited for the continuation of that storyline, which will be in Chelsea’s book.



NOHSurrenderBannerTO celebrate No One’s Hero’s release, someone is going to win a MEGA prize pack, that includes a Chadwell Farm mug, Bookmarks, A paperback copy of both No One’s Angel and No One’s Hero, a $25 amazon giftcard and more various swag. Trust me, if you like this series, you’ll like this prize pack!

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And here’s a little excerpt of No One’s Hero for you.

I’m quiet for a long moment, trying to find words that won’t sound stupid to voice what’s in my head. The streets outside the truck window are quaint, and I can tell we’re getting close to the school. Pedestrians mill about on the sidewalks, going nowhere fast, as if they’re content just to be. I crave that, and pray I’ll find it here.

Failing to come up with a better way to phrase my thoughts, I just say it. “I want to have sex.”

Kevin blinks. “That’s terrible idea.” He licks his lips. “I mean—”

“Watch out!”

Alerted by my outburst, Kevin slams on the brakes and narrowly misses hitting a woman walking her dog. The tires squeal in admonition as he leans into the wheel, straightening the truck between the lines. “Shit.” Kevin breathes heavily as the woman shoots us a dirty look from the safety of the sidewalk. He tosses her a small wave by way of apology, then continues as if nothing happened. “What I mean is, you’re beautiful, sure, but I don’t want to complicate—”

“—I didn’t mean with you.” I can’t help being a bit flattered and a bit annoyed, all at once. I mean, how freaking cocky is he, assuming I meant I wanted to have sex with him. It’s not like I’ve got super-high standards, and if I’m going to make up for lost time I can’t afford to be too picky. But Kevin has already been crossed off my mental possibility list. Even if I do keep finding the thought of his arms around me flickering through my mind. I’m sure it’s just because I don’t have a lot of experience, and I’m so anxious to remedy that. I’m not actually attracted to him for real. Even if he did just call me beautiful.

I smile, thinking about it.

“Well, that’s sort of humiliating.” He rubs absentmindedly at his chin, where a honey brown layer of stubble is just visible. “I just thought… Well, never mind, it doesn’t matter. So…you’re a virgin?” He flushes red, then quickly adds, “Not that that matters, either.”

Right. My turn to be humiliated now. My virginity isn’t something I generally discuss with anyone, much less with gorgeous boys who make my insides quiver even as they ignite my temper, so I’m not even sure why I brought it up. Except, I feel an indisputable need to make him understand why my freedom is so important to me. I’m not just a spoiled brat, and I know that must be what he’s thinking. “It’s not that I didn’t have the chance, you know. Guys used to be into me, before Axel scared them all away. His excuse was that the guy I was dating wasn’t good enough for me, but between him and my parents, chances to date have sort of been slim. How much did he tell you about my mom and my sister?”