Gifted Stone


Gifted Stone is a pair of short stories that perfectly compliments the Souls of the Stones trilogy.

Emariya misses her home and her Father on this very special holiday. Will Torian’s gift cheer her up?

Do you remember your first holiday with your first love? The agony of selecting a gift. The excitement of exchanging presents. Experience that and more with Riya as she copes with homesickness and holiday nerves. The Day of The Three concludes with one extraordinary gift you won’t want to miss.

Do you know Rink’s secret?

Rink, the adorable sidekick, has a dark secret. When Rink awakes in a cave, alone with Jessa and in excruciating pain he isn’t sure which is more unbearable: his wounds or his guilt. Jessa can nurse him back to health, but can she ease his conscience? Keeping Secrets is set during the events of Cornerstone, but told from Rink’s revealing perspective.

Gifted Stone contains two short stories, and is the equivalent of a 30 page book.

***Please note***
This is NOT a full length novel. It is a pair of two short stories. This ebook is the equivalent of a 30 page book. (9000 words.)

Available as an ebook or a paperback