December is a whirlwind of awesome

I can’t remember the last time I was this busy. Between wrapping presents, shopping, decorating, editing a super secret special project, writing the next No One’s book, just wow. WOW. But even though it is the craziest, busiest holiday we’ve had in a long, long 

The Driving Force Behind Great Characters: Morality and Motivation

Souls of the Stones is on the road again today, and this time we’re visiting The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club!This tour stop is soo much fun! Not only are they congiously enthusiastic about books, they have a guest article by me today – The 

Worldbuilding: Guns, Swords, and Realism

This is a post I’ve been meaning to make for a while, but I’ll admit it frequently slipped my mind. I noticed someone mentioning it on Goodreads today, which reminded me I’d never covered the topic in any depth. First, let me say, I’m not 

A Whole New Look

Up until now, my “author presence” has been pretty closely tied to my book’s presence. I’ve used the series artwork and related images to decorate my pages. While I love the images, and they are very representative of the series, I realized they didn’t represent 

The Next Big Thing

Is everyone beginning to recover from the holidays? Christine Pope tagged me for ‘The Next Big Thing’, and so for today’s post, I get to answer a bunch of really fun questions for you about me and Cornerstone! Christine writes in a variety of genre’s, 


Music is such a huge  part of writing for me. I find that I write best when I can put headphones in and just lose myself in the music and the words. Even if I’m home alone, the headphones help because they focus me on 

Let’s Step Beyond the Curtain

I am going to take a moment to attempt to be a bit educational or at the very least informative here. This isn’t my typical style, so please bear with me. Indie authors, self published authors, whatever you want to call us, we are in 

Feature and Follow – Biggest turn off in a book

  To get the list of participants please visit the host blogs Allison Can Read   & Parajunkee’s View Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book? For example, do you abhor love triangles? Or can’t deal with bad editing? Bad editing, all 

the Cornerstone Blog Tour STARTS NOW

Good morning good morning! Are you bleary-eyed, desperately needing caffeine and exhausted from lots of words racing through your head as your slept? No, I suppose it’s just me then. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and we had our kick off party last night. It was 

Good news and lots of it

I’ve got good news. Actually, I’ve got lots of good news. The first of which, we sailed through hurricane-post-tropical-Super-pain-in-the-butt Sandy just fine. The kids had two days off school, the hubby had two days off work and I’m up to my ears in togetherness and