#TeaserTuesday and a Cover Reveal for Jaded Stone

I am many things, but patient isn’t one of them. I’ve been dying over here, trying to contain myself, while waiting to show you the Jaded Stone cover.  Here’s what happened. I designed the Jaded Stone cover, and I was pretty happy with it. It 

#TeaserTuesday for Jaded Stone + Updates

#TeaserTuesday for Jaded Stone + Updates

This has been an insanely chaotic week or two for me. If you follow me on facebook, you know our cat got severely ill. After over a week of IV fluids every two hours and every 4 hours overnight, and having to forcefeed him several 

#TeaserTuesday Jaded Stone – Imperfections

My father used to tell me no one is perfect, and I told him I knew for sure that was a lie. How could it be truth, when he stood larger than life, perfect in his wisdom before me. It is only now that I 

#teasertuesday for Jaded Stone

I’m neck-deep in edits of Jaded Stone, and things are moving along nicely. One line so far really sticks out to me as what Jaded Stone is about: “We all know your reputation, Sea Dragon, but how much do we really know you?” Valencia’s book 

#TeaserTuesday — Jaded Stone and a special guest —

Happy Tuesday everyone. I had so much fun doing the guest #TeaserTuesday last week, that this week I invited Angela Orlowski Pert to stop by with some excerpts of her Forged Series.  I’ve also got a Jaded Stone teaser for you. If you aren’t familiar 

#TeaserTuesday – Guest Excerpt from Anna Cruise

Happy Tuesday! Today, as a special treat, I have a teaser of someone else’s novel instead of my own, just to mix it up a little bit. Anna Cruise has just released a highly anticipated NA Romance–Down By The Water, and she gave me an 

#TeaserTuesday — Jaded Stone – Truth and Lies

Hello everyone! I’ve got another teaser for you from Jaded Stone.   **** “Your Highness? There’s a letter addressed to you.” A sailor bowed before her. Valencia took the folded parchment from his outstretched hands, deftly breaking the green wax seal. “You may go.” She 

#TeaserTuesday for #NoOnesAngel

Morning everyone. This is a really busy day at my house – the kids are headed back to school and we just got back from vacation. Today instead of a new teaser, I’m going to share a few of the lines from No One’s Angel 

#TeaserTuesday for No One’s Angel

Can you believe we only have two more #teasertuesday posts to go after this one until release? Mom and I say goodbye and when I hang up, Arion isn’t looking at me. Instead, he’s turned around, staring out the window. Cautiously I creep off my 

#TeaserTuesday for Jaded Stone

#TeaserTuesday for Jaded Stone

  To change it up a bit this week, we’re going to do a teaser of Jaded Stone. Here’s a nice long one for you. I’ll do a teaser of No One’s Angel again next week. (Only 4 weeks until the release!)   [box style=”gray