When you work from home, when does the workday end?

Wow. Crazy busy week.

One of the hardest things about working from home is if you aren’t careful, it begins to seem like you are never off work.

Toward the end of this past week I was busy preparing for a birthday party we were having for my daughter this weekend. And I found myself stressing not just during the week when I needed to be accomplishing my writing tasks and promoting tasks, but during the weekend. While prepping for the party my mind was wandering to wondering when I would find time to get more editing done, and some critiques done.

I really had to make myself take a step back and remember that it should be my day off. Just because I am here and my writing stuff is here, doesn’t mean I need to work on it seven days a week. That is definitely a balance I am going to work on going forward.

The image at the top is the cake I made for the party. 

I had something planned for my Indie Inspiration for Friday, but in party prep I just didn’t get to it. So, we will pick that up again this coming Friday.