the Cornerstone Blog Tour STARTS NOW

Cornerstone by Kelly Walker

Good morning good morning!

Are you bleary-eyed, desperately needing caffeine and exhausted from lots of words racing through your head as your slept? No, I suppose it’s just me then. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and we had our kick off party last night. It was absolutely amazing and now, today I get to kick off my blog tour!

First up, today Cornerstone is hanging out over at one of my favorite blogs – Ink in the book! Ink’s blog is fabulous if you are an aspiring writer, especially if you are looking to go the traditional route.

Stop by and leave Ink some comment love, ok?

As an added bonus, for the blog tour I’m dropping Cornerstone to 99 cents! (It may take some time for the price change to go live)