#TeaserTuesday for #NoOnesAngel

Morning everyone. This is a really busy day at my house – the kids are headed back to school and we just got back from vacation.

Today instead of a new teaser, I’m going to share a few of the lines from No One’s Angel that seem to be popular as quotes on GoodReads.


“I can’t go back, so I have to find a way forward. Life isn’t a game, and I can’t replay this level, no matter how much I wish I could.”

“I can wait until you’re ready, just as long as you know you’re mine. I’ll wait, but I won’t wait in line. From here on out, Angel, it’s just you and me. Deal?”

“In game, I was flawless and in control. In life, I’m lost.”

“Even as her shoulders tremble, her eyes burn with determination. That’s the Angel I know. A fighter who won’t take crap from anyone. I don’t know what’s happened to her, but right now I know without a doubt she isn’t broken, maybe just a little bent. Somehow, I’ll fix this.”

“You’ll always be my Angel. If I have to, I’ll build you new wings.”


That’s it for today =) If you haven’t yet, check out the No One’s Angel trailer.