#TeaserTuesday for No One’s Angel

Can you believe we only have two more #teasertuesday posts to go after this one until release?

#teasertuesday for No One's Angel

#teasertuesday for No One's Angel

Mom and I say goodbye and when I hang up, Arion isn’t looking at me. Instead, he’s turned around, staring out the window. Cautiously I creep off my barstool, and go stand behind him. My arms slide around his waist, and for a moment, he doesn’t move. Then he lets out a long shudder, as he turns toward me, still inside my embrace. The tension of whatever is bothering him seeps from him to me and I start to step away.

Arion pulls me back, but cups one finger under my chin, tilting my face toward his. “You shouldn’t tell someone you’ll be somewhere and then not show up, Angel.”

His words are true in a world of black and white, but I’m drowning in gray. “I said whatever it took to get her to go, and I need to keep her confused about where I am. When the truth comes out, I hope she’ll forgive me.”

Cold absolution dominates his tone. “Don’t ever lie to me. No matter what. I need to know that you’ll always trust me with the truth.”

The intensity of his gaze is blinding, and I know without a doubt he’s more serious about this than I’ve ever heard him be about anything. “Okay,” I say, even as I know it’s a promise I may have to break.

Despite their questionable sincerity, my words seem to soothe him and our bodies meld together, creating an entirely different type of tension. My breath hitches as I fight the urge to rock my hips toward him.

Whatever had him so irritated only moments ago has vanishes, erased by the growing heat between us. I like this Arion much better.

“Do you want to take a nap before tonight?” Arion purrs against my ear, letting his breath warm my skin.