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#TeaserTuesday — Jaded Stone and a special guest —

Happy Tuesday everyone. I had so much fun doing the guest #TeaserTuesday last week, that this week I invited Angela Orlowski Pert to stop by with some excerpts of her Forged Series.  I’ve also got a Jaded Stone teaser for you. If you aren’t familiar 

#TeaserTuesday for No One’s Angel

Can you believe we only have two more #teasertuesday posts to go after this one until release? Mom and I say goodbye and when I hang up, Arion isn’t looking at me. Instead, he’s turned around, staring out the window. Cautiously I creep off my 

#Teasertuesday for #NoOnesAngel – I protect What’s Mine

#Teasertuesday for #NoOnesAngel – I protect What’s Mine

It is #teasertuesday once again. (You all have no idea how much I look forward to sharing these snippets with you.) Isn’t Arion absolutely yummy? I’ve had this guy’s picture tacked to my wall while I write No One’s Angel, and let me tell you,