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And we’re back!

Not sure if you’ve been around the site over the last 36 hours or so, but if so, let me apologize. Somehow, I broke something. Or something broke. Gerbils died. I really don’t know. Fortunately, after a lot of cussing, screaming and praying, thing seem 

Wait… WordPress… What?

Wait… WordPress… What?

a Rafflecopter giveaway I think I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere around Albuquerque . Okay, not recently, but I did, once. The lost feeling I had then is really similar to the one I’ve got now. I was used to the east coast, 

Two Twitters? The Whys and Whats

Admittedly, I am more fond of facebook than twitter. I won’t however admit how much time slips away from me while ON facebook. But I do enjoy twitter, most of the time. Not that I ever saw myself needing not just one, but two twitter 

Kindle Worlds: More Vampire Diaries from (the real) L J Smith?

So I heard the announcement the other day about Kindle Worlds, and that one of the licenses already secured is for The Vampire Diaries. I believe it is for the show’s “world” not the book’s “world” but right now I don’t want to split hairs. 

Amazon’s Inaffective Review Policing

Either Amazon’s algorithims that are designed to weed out reviews by those with a interest in the product, or affiliated with the product are selective, or ineffective. Not long ago, shortly after the John Locke business exploded, reviews began disappearing left and right from amazon, 

What I learned from Sookie Stackhouse. Or: The pressure to end a series well.

Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (SSTB) I am heartbroken. I haven’t even read the book yet, and I’m heartbroken over how the Southern Vampire/True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series is ending. And I’m heartbroken over what CH must be feeling, reading the reviews posted today. 

Happy Monday Morning everyone! – Updates

Monday morning is supposed to be blah, right? The weekend is over, back to the grind. Yadda Yadda. Well not here, not this week, not this time. I just sent Broken Stone to the editor. Yup, we’re almost to the finishline. Once line editing is 

A Whole New Look

Up until now, my “author presence” has been pretty closely tied to my book’s presence. I’ve used the series artwork and related images to decorate my pages. While I love the images, and they are very representative of the series, I realized they didn’t represent 

Barnes and Noble vs Amazon

I see a lot of posts and articles about Barnes and Noble. Some in comparison to Amazon. Some in comparison to long gone and often missed book stores. And some not comparing it to anything, but simply reporting the latest and not so greatest. Almost 

An Author’s Perspective: What I Look for in a Review Blog

I tend to keep my toes on both sides of the author and book blogger line. I straddle the fence, teetering frequently into the territory of both roles. For posts, I much prefer blogging about books I’m loving, authors I want to support, and other