Step into my office (AKA: I cannot work under these conditions)

Have you ever been interested to see what the office(couch) of a stay-at-home-mom-writer-zookeeper looks like?

Well, lucky for you then, I am going to show you exactly that.

Have you met Lilly? Well, if not let me give you a little heads up. She’s my muse-entertainment-cheerleader-slave driver puppy. She’s about 8 months old, and one of our three dogs. When she isn’t being psychotic, she spends her days keeping me company as a I write (and procrastinate.)

She’s also proudly featured on the cover photo for my new feature -Inspirational Indies. Though she had no idea I would make her a cover model.

Well, today Lilly curled up in her second favorite spot – The other end of the couch:

So Luna, my kid’s cat, figured she’d occupy the newly available real estate curled up against my leg. (Lilly alternates which of my legs she snuggles against based on super-secret proprietary puppy algorithms.)

Needless to say, this is how Lilly felt about that.

She pouted…

and interrupted…

and reminded me that she is not willing to be relegated to obscurity and that my petting of the kitten was absolutely unacceptable.

And then, quietly, she relented and now there is peace in my living room once again.