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What is #SHOWOFSTRENGTH ?  Simply put, it’s about you. The women who inspire you, and the fictional heroines who entertain you. Sometimes we forget to take the time to tell the women in our lives just how much we notice and appreciate their strength.  In this season of giving, #SHOWOFSTRENGTH is giving you a chance to change that. Beginning on November 20th, we’re inviting you to nominate the strong women in your life to be featured here on and one lucky nominee will be chosen at random to win a huge prize pack filled with various gift cards, signed swag, books and more.

The #SHOWOFSTRENGTH event has been made possible by the generous contributions of several fantastic authors. We invite you to take a moment to get to know them and the strong heroines featured in their books. Cambria Hebert  – J.A. Huss Alexia PurdyMelissa Pearl  – T.G. AyerLizzy FordAlivia Anders Mimi StrongElle CaseyMary Beth DanielsBella RoccaforteAmy Evans  – A.O. PeartC.S. Marks Anna Cruise

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Sandra Gay

Submitted by: Kelly Walker

“I’m submitting my mom because she’s one of the strongest women I know. When You’re a kid, it can be hard to realize how many sacrifices your parents make so that you can have the best chance possible. But now, as an adult, I get it. And I’m grateful.

Theresa Potter

Submitted by: Bette Platt

She has been battling health issues for years. She stays as upbeat as she can, which just amazes me!!! She has a heart of GOLD!!! She and I were married to brothers at one time, both of us are divorced. We stayed close so are kids would grow up together!!! She is just awesome!!!

Dariel Raye

Submitted by: Donn Reynolds

I meet Dariel Raye on Facebook and became fast friends she id a author who had heart problems when she was young and from an infection she is in kidney failure but I have never heard her complain she has gone out of her way to message me everyday just to say hi or listen if I need to talk I have never had someone who cared enough to do that in my life and even though we have not meet in person I admire her she is strong and caring she goes to dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours a day she writes, sings in church, writes plays for her church, is a mother and one of the sweetest, most giving people I have meet she deserves to win this Thank you for the chance to show her how special she is.

Vicki Stewart

Submitted by: April Epley

After struggling with years of abuse she had the courage to leave her abusive husband. She has children and has struggled as a single mom to make the best life she can. She works for authors to help get the word out!!!

Melissa Stephens

Submitted by: April Epley

Melissa has overcome so much! She is a wife, mother, grandmother. She is currently writing and working hard to help support her family. During this she deals with fibromyalgia and is raising her granddaughter. On top of it she finds time to make other people feel so very important. She changes lives of others with that kindness and love!!!

CM Wright

Submitted by: April Epley

She works endlessly to promote authors, bloggers and everybody!! Without her there would be many that would not have the publicity they deserve. Even though she recently suffered a great loss she still works all hours to keep on promoting!! Great work and thank you so much. She endlessly gives to all and she shows so much kindness!

Candice Bradley

Submitted by: Katt Lewis

My Granddaughter. For being 20 and a single mother and doing it all on her own, much like her mother and grandmother before her.

Tara Blu

Submitted by: Kat Blu

Tara is my sister. She went through surgery a few years ago because she had Chronic Pancreatitis.They had to take out like 6 different organs like her spleen was one of them they removed. They made it so her liver acted as her pancreas. It was scary. But she’s getting better everyday! She just needs to not get sick because her immune system is now weaker.

Olivia Terrado

Submitted by: Diana Terrado

I chose to nominate my mom, Olivia. I don’t know any person stronger, more determined and more loving than my mom. Some people say a child can only love just as much as he/she was loved. And I can say that my mom gave me and made me feel the most genuine love she can give me.
She has not just been a mom to me, she is also a good friend and a great confidant. She’s a levelheaded woman who juggles being a mom, a friend, a teacher, a wife, a sister and a daughter every single day and never fails to be the best she can be. She’s the type of mom who with one look could tell if something’s wrong. She’ll cheer you up with her corny jokes just to make you smile and would hug you when she knows that you need the comfort of someone’s arms.
She’s always ready to help someone in need. She’s the kind of person people go to first when they know they need someone they can trust. That is actually one of her traits I wish I have gotten.
My mom is my greatest teacher who always encouraged me to become a better person and come out of my shell. She’s the most selfless person I know ’cause she constantly worries about us that sometimes she forgets to take care of herself too.
My mom is my number one heroine. All the rest comes second.

nenti erawati

Submitted by: nurmawati

nenti erawati is my mother….
she raises me and my bros and sis when my father leaved us…
i am forever proud of my mother…


Submitted by: Chris Lewis

Joan taught me to be the person that I am meant to be, I’ve always been a people pleaser but that meant that I was never really being myself, and always thinking that I wasn’t good enough because no matter how much I did I could never please everyone. Joan showed me that being myself meant that people either liked me or not but that was their problem not mine, as long as I remained true to myself then that was what was important and that I mattered too, my opinions and my thoughts are as important as any one else’s. And the amazing thing is that Joan did this while going through the pain of losing her only daughter, she still reached out and helped others. She misses her daughter every minute of every day I know but she hasn’t turned in but turned out reaching out to others that are hurting and alone and helping them. I am so blessed to have someone like this in my life.

Josefa, my mother

Submitted by: Patricia Lopez

She wakes up every morning with an energy that is almost annoying. She’s the best mom, always taking care of the whole family and thinking about others first even if she needs the things more. She is the most selfless woman, and a little bit loud like all Galician woman.
But what makes her the most amazing woman I know is that it doesn’t matter that she have had one of the most roughest lives of all, with war in Spain and suffering hunger because of it and with a little bit of family drama in the middle, she keeps waking up every morning with that inspiring, also annoying (I’m a cranky morning person), energy every single day, but she still keeps smiling and trying to make everyone else’s lives better. To prevent others from having to suffer what she suffered.
I’m proud of saying that I have a “warrior” mom and that she thought me how to be strong in live. No matter why. And that’s the main reason I’m picking her.

Marge Haluska-my late Gram

Submitted by: Lori Smith

My gram stood up for what she believed in, no matter what it was, from her “crazy” letter writing to the president of the United States, to letters to every other known person out there, to all the love she showed my brother and me and my 2 cousins.. she always was there for anything we needed, even if it was to let us cry on her shoulder because we had a bad day. she has been gone for 7 1/2 years now and I miss her every single second of the day, but what she has shown me and taught me is that you protect your family with all you have and stand up for what you believe in, no matter the outcome.

Tiffany Labonoski

Submitted by: Missy Morrison Goodsell

I’m nominating her because she has given the ultimate gift of life to 2 families. She was a surrogate mom and had 3 babies for 2 friends who were not able to have children.

Krista Bowles

Submitted by: Rick Chiantaretto

My sister, Krista, showed me what true strength was when she walked out of an abusive relationship. She has since remarried and had a beautiful family, but not without sacrifice and forgiveness.

Fern Smith

Submitted by: David Smith

I am nominating my mom. She passed away in 1987, but she raised my sister and I by herself after her and my dad divorced. I was 12 at the time and my sister was 10. My dad left her the motel and she ran it for a number of years doing all the work herself and me helping out with any repairs where I could. My sister had epilepsy since she was about 4. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer around when I was 13 or 14 had had to have a double mastectomy. She never stopped working during the whole time. She passed away with a massive stroke to her brain stem so there was nothing anyone could do and she never regained consciousness and passed 2 days later. RIP mom, I’ll always love you.



Sherri Marsh

Submitted by: Lisa Miller

Sherri is my sister in law. She has been going thru chemo for colon cancer! She is on her last week (hopefully) of chemo. They found her cancer after multiple colonoscopies and complaints of pain by her. All the doctors told her she was crazy and there was nothing there. Unfortunately by the time someone listened she was already in stage 3 and it had abrupt end her intestine wall and was on her sternum. Unfortunately the sternum can’t be radiated because it is above the heart! She has been through a lot has had multiple side affects but has kept strong. I admire her for her strength!


Tricia Vincent

Submitted by: Jamie Fredrickson

My sister has been single-handedly supporting a family of 5, sometimes 6 for the past several years. Her husband is unemployed with back issues, not able to help with income at all. I’ve been unemployed, looking for a job for many of those years, so she’s been supporting me as well. Under so much pressure and stress, I don’t know how she’s stayed so strong. I help all I can, but wish there was another way I could show her how much we all appreciate what she’s been doing.

Thank you for this chance.

Debbie Sullivan

Submitted by: Robin Barros

I am writing about my sister. She has more strength than anyone I know. She helped me move when my bf and I had the house forclosed on us, bought us toiletries, food, gave me money when I needed it (even though she lives on a fixed amount of money, she is disabled).
When I had a nervous breakdown she let me live with her and her family putting herself and them at risk of eviction. She also takes care if the needs of our mentally retarded sister, her son (who is asthmatic).
She gives money to the poor and stands up against animal abuse. She has kept me from committing suicide and cutting myself. I wish I had the strength she has.
She makes sure I take my medication (even though she is not on any due to beibg allergic to them all). How she handles it all without breaking I don’t know. She is an inspiration to me.


Submitted by: Kimberly

I am nominating my MOM! She is one of the Strongest, Loving, Giving, and Kindest Mom ever. She is always there for me day or night. No matter what she is going through she is there. She continues to show me the kind of Mom I could only hope to be for my Daughter. She makes me want to be a better Mom, Daughter, Sister and Christian that I can be. I am so blessed to have her as My MOM. I would couldn’t have asked for anyone BETTER!

Laurie Mahaffey

Submitted by: Sierra McBride

Sometimes, as we get older, we forget that we can still make a difference. We can still want and be wanted. Often relationships lose that ‘something’ that made it special in the beginning. It would be hard for any woman to walk away from a marriage that has lasted over 20 years, no matter the circumstances. When you are not happy any longer and you have nothing tying you to the marriage you have no reason to stay in a relationship you are no longer happy with. There is no shame in wanting to be happy. Laurie did just that. She looked at life in the eye and stood up for herself. She was tired of being unhappy and held back by someone that wasn’t at all worth it. She left. She struggled at first with what people thought or what her kids, that are now grown, thought of her, but she trudged on and is now happy with someone that treats her like the amazingly strong woman she is. Everyone deserves a happy ending no matter what. To me that is showing Strength. Doing something you are insanely afraid of, but making it out better than you began. We need more women like this to admire.


Kimberly Mayberry

Submitted by: Joseph Hawkshaw

Kimberly is the most awesome women that has to deal with fibromyalgia every day she gets up and takes care of her three children and myself. It takes her a lot of motivation to just get out of bed to do these things, i give her all of my love to do these things for her children and my self.

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