Serving Time Character Interview and Cover Reveal

A few months back, I had the pleasure of beta reading a soon to be released novel by debut author Nadina Ducca. Serving Time really impressed me, because Nadine is a true master of the writing craft. She writes in a way that makes you want to read, for the writing. I have to admit at times I became so enthralled with the words, I forgot the story.

It’s almost like music, in how sometimes you get so caught up in snazzy lyrics, you forget the song overall.

As part of her blog tour, I got to interview one of her characters. Also, check out her blog for more details about her and her book!

I am pleased to introduce the fabulous Seth. Excuse me, what’s your last name?
Last name? I don’t need one of those!
All right, so it’s just Seth. He’s the owner of the Robot Rehab on the space colony Ringwall. So, tell me, Seth, what is your life’s goal?
My life goal? That’s a tough one, Kelly! I think I’m doing pretty well right now. I got my Rehab, my robots, a long list of regular customers. What more could I ask for?
Well…okay. I guess there’s something I’d like to change. I mean, look at me! Who’s going to take me seriously when I look like I might hit puberty at any moment? I’m thirty-five years old and I look like a kid!

What is your ideal partner for life – Robot? Woman? What are its/her qualities?

Hey! Do you think I’m some kind of pervert? Sure, I eat, drink and sleep with robots, but that doesn’t mean I’m into them like that! My ideal partner’s a woman. I want a woman that’ll laugh at my jokes, “ohh” and “ahh” at my creations, and hold me close when we go to sleep. If she’s an engineer like me, that’d be even better!
But really, a woman like that is hard to come by You should see the way the girls giggle at me in the bar when I offer to buy them a drink. They all think I’m a precocious little kid that ran away from home, and they ask me what I’m doing out so late without my mommy. Well, I’m trying to get some action, that’s what I’m doing! And when I invite them over to the Rehab, they give me these horrified looks. Bah! It’s useless. I might as well stick to my robots. At least they understand me.
Hey! That could be my life goal! To build the perfect woman. I’m pretty sure I got enough spare parts…

How do you know Robert and Eneld?
Robert? I don’t think I know anyone called Robert… Is he a StarCorp employee? I got tons of them coming in all the time. Actually, StarCorp is one of my biggest clients. I do all their cyborg voicebox repairs. Want a word of advice? Whatever you do, be on good terms with them. You wouldn’t want to tick them off. Trust me!
What was that other name?
Eneld. Eneld Cross.
Oh, Ennie! Yeah, I know him! I mean, not personally, but I know who he is. He’s Stan’s brother! He’s living on the moon right now. Some hot-shot Martian Soil Restoration Team Leader. My friend Stan asked me to keep an eye on him, but I don’t really know why. All Ennie is doing is building these mean biometal earthworms. They’re huge! I think they’re shipping them off to Mars soon.
Hey, I’ll ask Stan if he can bring Ennie over to the Rehab someday so I can meet him. It’s not that long of a trip—what is it? Two, three months?
Well, thank you, Seth, for the interview.
You’re welcome! It was a pleasure. And hey, if you got any robots needing some rehab, you know where to bring them! Seth’s Robot Rehab! Located on City Level 3 of Ringwall. That’s in the Jovian sector! Biggest colony to ever exist. You can’t miss it!

Got that. Thanks, Seth.

Well there you have it! Tomorrow the next stop on the blog tour will have a sneak preview of Seth.