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 Image by Magni Wagner

I’ve been a reader for much longer than I’ve been a writer. In fact, books are probably my biggest weakness when it comes to discretionary spending. (I’m not counting chocolate, because I consider chocolate to be a matter of survival, therefore it isn’t discretionary. – Hey, I didn’t say it was a matter of “my” survival. My husband’s on the other hand…)

Because I do purchase quite a few books, I’ve had to learn how to make sure I’m generally getting a book for the best possible price. When I mostly read physical copies of books it was much easier. I’d go to the used bookstore, pick out a haul of new reads, devour them within days and then sell them back for store credit to buy more books. Now that I do most of my reading on my kindle, I’ve had to develop a new strategy.

If you spend much time browsing the kindle store, you know that kindle book pricing fluctuates like the current weather in northern Virginia. Up, down, you never know what to expect from one day to the next. Us Indie authors often run sales, freebies and group promotions. With the end of the agency model, amazon discounts publisher’s titles at will. Then there are all the awesome kindle daily deals and price matching by amazon. In short, there are lots of reasons to expect prices to continue to be volatile. And if you want to have enough time to actually read those books you’ve got your eye on, it becomes impractical to just stalk their pages.

So whats a bibliophile to do?

As an author/publisher I really like the data that Kindle Nation Tracker provides. But as a reader I love it even more. The service is self-explanatory (and free.) Add a book by clicking on “tracked books” and then the blue button that says “add a book.” Once you’ve added it, click the purple cogwheel that has notification settings, and set up an alert. Then, when the price drops below the threshold you specify, you’ll get an email. Simple, right? Simply awesome.