Reading Roundup

In an ideal world, I’d manage to write a separate post for each book I read and enjoy. I really like taking the time to share what I’ve been reading with you all, and it is something I really strive to continue.

I’ve gotten a bit behind, and in the interest of catching up, I am going to cover a bunch of books in one post.

I got a digital review edition of The Legend of Zelda – Hyrule Historia from NetGalley. I’ve never played Zelda, though I enjoy a good RPG. Looking at the breathtaking artwork and reading a lot of the history and the concepts and the behind the scenes info in this title really made want to. I’ve got plans to dig through the hubby’s video game collection and play through some of the games myself.

Next up:

I read the first three books in the series last year, and I’ve been waiting anxiously for this final installment! Haven did not disappoint.

I also finally made time to read the second half of another series I love from Elle Casey. She continued her War of the Fae series in Clash of the Otherworlds.

I devoured all three books, and they were amazing.

After I finished Clash of the Otherworlds, I went ahead and started S.M Reine’s Seasons of the Moon.

I’m on book three right now, and loving it. They are short, jump right into the fast paced stories, and I can easily read one a night.