Point of View

I apologize for the crickets this week. I’ve been busy being a Mom, writing, and not feeling to well in all honesty. Hopefully the upcoming week will be a bit better.

I’ve done more critiquing and editing this week than writing, but Cornerstone has never been far from my mind. During my editing process this week, I got thinking about Point of view. I am not going to make any secret of it, I adore Cornerstone’s main character, Emariya. She’s brave and strong, loyal to friends and family, even if she is a bit to trusting at times. Granted I like her better when she doesn’t keep me up late at night, but it’s all part of the package.

If you hadn’t guessed, I had a serious lack of sleep this week and one of the nights it was completely in thanks to hers truly, Emariya. I had this nagging thought, that what if my readers didn’t get to know her the way I do. See, I know her very very well. She speaks in my head. I can hear her voice, I can see her facial expressions, she really lives in my head. Cornerstone however, is told in third person. While most scenes that Emariya is present for we know what is in her head, she doesn’t narrate. There in lies my concern. If she doesn’t narrate, will you know her as I do?

This lead me to consider switching POV for Cornerstone. I think you all would enjoy Emariya’s voice, the problem lies in the scenes where our darling protagonist isn’t present. I have no desire to step into first person for anyone elses POV, so I would be left attempting swaps not only between who was telling the story, but between first and third. I am just not sure how that would work, so I’ve been debating.

It’s odd, I thought I hadn’t read many books in 1st, until I opened some of my favorites. Twilight, Hunger Games, are all 1st. Another I recently read was in first person present tense, and the narration was awful.

But the thought occurred to me that if I hadn’t been able to recall the narration style of my favorite books, how much would POV matter? I came to the conclusion that it didn’t. While Twilight was narrated by Bella, I feel like I know Edward pretty well. As long as I allow my characters room to be themselves, and show you their best and their worst, it wont matter. I will likely rewrite a few scenes into first, just to see how they feel but ultimately I think I will keep with 3rd person.

Aside from deliberating over POV this week, I’ve also been reading a fair amount as well as critiquing work of others in an endeavor to learn and improve myself and in even more exciting news, I’ve begun writing the second book in the cornerstone trilogy. I am so excited about where we are going and how we are going to get there in book two, I can’t wait to delve father into it.