Music is such a huge¬† part of writing for me. I find that I write best when I can put headphones in and just lose myself in the music and the words. Even if I’m home alone, the headphones help because they focus me on what I’m doing. I no longer her the dogs playing, or the mail truck going by, the ping of emails arriving or the dryer beeping. All that matters is the music and the story.

I’m hard at work writing Broken Stone, and some days the music is the only thing that helps me hit my goal.

I thought I’d share some of the songs that have corelated well for me, to different parts of Cornerstone and the rest of the series. Some I can’t really share yet, since I don’t want to give away too much about the other books.
Tim Mcgraw – Just To See You Smile – This is actually my husband and my song, because when he heard it the first time is when he realized he loved me. It also really epitomizes how Garith feels about Emariya.

Taylor Swift – White Horse – This one relates well to Cornerstone, though of course the lyrics aren’t spot on, they have the right feel and some cool relations I think.

Taylor Swift – Eyes Wide Open – I listened to this song so many times while writing both Cornerstone and Second Stone

If you’re curious what song I’ve listened to the most during writing Broken Stone so far-The Catalyst by Linkin Park.

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