Feature and Follow

Another Friday, another Feature and Follow. I have missed the last few, but we are back this week. While you are here, if you look to the right on the sidebar you’ll see the link to my brand new FB Fan page, I’d love it […]

More Cornerstone Release Info

Lately, as my book becomes closer to a finished product, I have had to do a lot of thinking regarding where and how I will launch. The main two publishing avenues I would like to pursue, are Smashwords and Amazon Createspace ( KDP) Smashwords is […]

Cornerstone Progress Report

So…Cornerstone… All in all, the novel is coming along. Right now it is going through a heavy round of critiques so I can make sure I put the best story out for you that I can. The cover art is almost completed, I’ve been working […]

I’ve been a bad blogger, a good reader and a tired author.

I admit it, I’ve been a terrible blogger. I’ve not blogged much this month, and that isn’t a trend I want to set. I will try and do better, I promise. Now, we have apologies out of the way, so on to what I’ve been […]

Emergency Alert – Go get this free book!

This is a message from your friendly neighborhood blog. Go by this book. Now. Don’t walk, run, over to amazon where Elle Casey’s book Wrecked is FREE. I recently read the first book in her War of The Fae series and I loved it. Loved […]