More Cornerstone Release Info

Lately, as my book becomes closer to a finished product, I have had to do a lot of thinking regarding where and how I will launch.

The main two publishing avenues I would like to pursue, are Smashwords and Amazon Createspace ( KDP)

Smashwords is doing an awesome job of making sure their author’s ebooks are available everywhere. They will be the easiest ways for me to make sure you can find my book at Barnes and Noble, Libraries, anywhere you want to buy books, and you can buy direct from Smashwords.

Amazon of course is well, Amazon. They are a book selling giant, and really they have been leading the charge when it comes to ebooks. It is certainly possible to publish on both Amazon and Smashwords simultaneously.

On the other hand, us Indie authors have the Kindle Select option, to be exclusive for blocks of 90 days, during which the book can be made free, the book can be borrowed, etc. This sounds like a fantastic option, right? Overall it is. Until you think about the word Exclusive.

It is my understanding, that a lot of readers feel slighted when books are enrolled in Kindle Select, because they cannot purchase the books through their Nook or Kobo or other ereader. I certainly do not want to convey that I don’t value ALL potential readers.

It really presents quite a dilemma.

I want to say, that I believe in Amazon. Strongly. I think that Indie authors as a whole, have a lot to thank Amazon for. They have truly paved the way for some incredible changes in both publishing and self publishing. They offer an extremely fair royalty rate (so does Smashwords), and they are also dedicated to sort of bridging the gap between Publishing and Self Publishing. Their publishing Imprints are actively giving self published authors that they believe in a chance to publish with their backing, just like a traditional publisher. The difference being, they offer fantastic contracts (so I hear) keeping in line with Amazon’s apparent belief of fair compensation for the author.

With that said, I, as an author, want to support Amazon, so I will be publishing first on KDP Select, exclusively for the first 90 days. After which, I intend to then release on Smashwords as well, to broaden distribution. Additionally, I plan to publish DRM free, as long as I am able to. What that means for you, is that if you purchase my book through amazon, you will still be able to convert it for use in Nook, Kobo, etc. To me, I think that is the best of both worlds. Furthermore, I think using KDP Select will give YOU the reader the best chance to try me, as a new author. My book will be available in the Kindle Owners Lending Library, and additionally it will be free for at least one day of it’s 90 day exclusivity, for you to try with no cost.

Now, regarding release date. I am still looking at some time in October.