Kindle Worlds: More Vampire Diaries from (the real) L J Smith?

So I heard the announcement the other day about Kindle Worlds, and that one of the licenses already secured is for The Vampire Diaries. I believe it is for the show’s “world” not the book’s “world” but right now I don’t want to split hairs.

If you haven’t seen the hype yet, the gist is that Amazon will be providing the opportunity to publish ‘for profit’ fanfiction from specific “worlds” that they are able to obtain the licensing for.

I have to admit, that my very first though upon reading the promo site was, “does this mean that we can finally get L J Smith’s ending/vision/endgame for The Vampire Diaries?” It would be incredible if so. I have never abandoned a series before its completion before, but The Vampire Diaries lost me shortly after the ghost writer took over.

I don’t know, but I can make an educated guess, that LJ Smith was significantly limited in what she could do or publish regarding Vampire Diaries after she was fired from the series, but what about this new avenue? Could she publish “Fan-fiction” for the series to which her name has already been attached?

It certainly seems possible to me, and this fan certainly hopes it becomes a reality.