I’ve been a bad blogger, a good reader and a tired author.

I admit it, I’ve been a terrible blogger. I’ve not blogged much this month, and that isn’t a trend I want to set. I will try and do better, I promise.

Now, we have apologies out of the way, so on to what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been participating pretty heavily over at Critique Circle, a fantastic, fabulous site where writers congregate to help, encourage and shred each others work, in a constructive manner of course, all in the hopes of helping one another become better writers with stronger stories.

Cornerstone has been working it’s way through, chapter by chapter. So far it is going extremely well, and the edits I’ve decided to make as a result of the critiques have been taking much of my time. I’ve rewritten a few scenes, expanded the ending a tad, and am working on line edits for word choice.

After much soul searching, hair pulling and ibuprofen popping I’ve come to the conclusion that Cornerstone will be self published.

When not working on critiquing, learning or editing I’ve been reading – I mean aside from all the time I spend with the kids, family, dogs, etc anyway.

I’ve recently read Terry Goodkind’s The Last Confessor, hopefully I will review it soon. Honestly, I’ve got some mixed opinions on it.

I don’t have an eta yet on when Cornerstone will be published. I expect in October, possibly November.