It’s like interview week around here!

Have you checked out my interview on Thomas Rydder’s Blog?

It’s the very first interview I’ve given and I was thrilled to give it to a friend of mine.
I’ve got another interview coming up on November 1st, but I will give you all more details on that as it gets closer.

A few posts back, a bunny…yes, a bunny… stopped by and asked Emariya Warren some questions. Smart, I guess. She’s definitely more interesting than I am.

In case you missed it, Friday I had YA Author Dalya Moon here with us and this coming Friday I have Elle Casey scheduled to visit.

On a side note, I don’t expect to get any writing done today. If I did, it would probably come out as “Emariya took a nap.” Our smoke detector battery gave out at 1am. I am sure many of you are cringing right now, knowing what that means. Except, it was worse than you are imagining. I have a dog that is petrified of the smoke detector’s little incessant beeping. He went Bat-Shit-Crazy trying to get out of his crate while my husband and I scrambled around, scavenging in our son’s remote control cars for 9volt batteries.

The dog ending up getting out of the crate and then he started trying to find a way out of the house. It was awful. Meanwhile, while I was trying to calm the dog, my husband was having fun trying to identify which of the two smoke detectors was actually the culprit, then he didn’t get the battery on tight enough so it was STILL beeping.

Once it was finally silenced we found the dog had actually pooped in his kennel he was so scared and even after cleaning it up, it wasn’t to his standards so he refused to go back in.

I gave up at that point, let one of our other dogs (who behaved like a proper lady during the entire fiasco) out, and put the dog that was freaking in her kennel. She got in bed with my hubby and I and we blessedly went back to sleep.