Indie Summer Blog Tour

Indie Summer Blog Tour


Featured_Author Have you been following along with the Indie Summer Blog Tour hosted by PJ Blog Tours?

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying reading about lots of books and authors and exotic places. Today’s my stop on the tour and I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.

We don’t take my vacations around my house, although that is something that we’re looking to changePapa-Roach.




For Labor Day my husband and I went away to Virginia Beach for the weekend, just us to see Carnival of Madness with Shinedown, Skillet and Papa Roach. (As an aside, can I mention that Jacoby does NOT look 37. Wow.)

A few years ago we took an amazing cruise as a family, and we’d like to take another one soon. We’d also love to take the kids to Disney. On our drive back from VA Beach we discussed some of the other places we’d like to visit. On my husband’s list: Japan, and Australia. On mine: Charleston SC, Ireland and Scotland.


MapfinalBUT if I could pick one very special place to visit, I’d love to travel through time and visit the medieval era. It would be especially cool if I could visit the setting of Souls of the Stones and see The Three Corners for real instead of just in my head. To me Witch’s Falls, Thandrel’s Fjord, Damphries, Three Stone Pass, Sheas Harbor, Castle Ahlen and Warren’s Rest are all so real. I’d like to take a several week tour and see all the sites.  Other than that, medieval England would suffice.

If you’d like to visit The Three Corners too, you can start the Souls of the Stones series for FREE with CORNERSTONE.


Do you have a fictional place you’d like to visit? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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