Indie Inspiration: Elle Casey

If you’ve spent any time around my blog, you’ve seen me singing the praises of one of my favorite authors. I downloaded Elle’s The Changelings (War Of The Fae, Book 1) for free during one of her promotions and I was instantly hooked. I’ve been working my way through her titles and I’ve truly enjoyed each one. I’m a bit behind on getting reviews posted but I assure you, her books are great.  One of the things I find most inspiring about her, is how accessible she is. I’ve seen how much her fans respond to her and she takes the time to really interact with each one, and make them feel like they are important to her. She’s also always quick to offer to lend a hand if someone needs help.

She agreed to do a little chat with me, and you can read my interview of her below!

Are any of your kick-butt heroines based on someone you know?  I’m a pretty kick butt, rebellious person, so I guess there’s a bit of me in there.  I probably cuss like Jayne in my head (not nearly as much out loud, though).  And what isn’t me, perhaps I wish it were.  🙂  The name Jayne Sparks comes from two places.  One is the song, Diary of Jayne by Breaking Benjamin, the band that inspired the whole War of the Fae series.  And the other inspiration is a boy I used to know in junior high and high school named Jay Sparks.  Boy, was he a rebel.  I often wonder what he’s up to these days.  We were never friends.  I just admired him from afar.

Where did the concept for War of the Fae start?
 Originally it was going to be a story about teens who run away and need money so answer an ad and end up on “Vampire Island” where vampires play with their food before eating it.  But I was afraid the vampire thing was overdone, and as I started writing out the opening chapter, the story took another direction all on its own.  It evolved as I wrote it.  I’m what they call a “pantser” which is the opposite of a person who is an “outliner” or uses an outline to write with.  I fly by the seat of my pants when writing books, essentially.  The entire series was moved along by the characters and also the music of Breaking Benjamin.  You probably recognize one of the character names in the series, the ultimate bad guy or good guy, we don’t know yet … BEN.  🙂

Wrecked could be considered really inspiration for High school students. It has a lot to say about how we, but kids especially, misjudge each other. Was that intentional?  Yes, but only in that it pulled the story along, not that I wanted to preach to anyone.  The inspiration for the story was The Breakfast Club, which has a strong theme running through it of kids being categorized and then stereotyped, often unfairly.  I have a dream world in my head where that doesn’t happen anymore, but I doubt it will ever come true.  Perhaps teens need that pain of being misunderstood in order to overcome and triumph, to feel good about helping themselves out.  I don’t know.  The sad part is some kids never do that and end up hurting themselves as a way to deal with the pain.  If my book helps anyone move past that, either by teaching a person to stop stereotyping or by showing someone he or she has inner strengths, then it was a worthwhile endeavor writing it.  Entertaining readers is a big deal to me, but to inspire people … well, that’s beyond amazing.  I’d love to be able to do that for teens.  Moms too, since I’m one and I know what a hard job it is and how much moms worry and sacrifice of themselves.

What is one book you didn’t write that you wish you had? Why?  There is no book I haven’t written yet that I wish I had.  As soon as I think of a story idea, I put the book on my publication list.  The beauty of being a fast typer and story-maker is that I can come up with about 17 books a year, so there will probably never be a story I don’t get to write.  Although, there may be a story someday that I decide not to write because of the subject matter being too difficult for me.  I don’t know.  I can’t think of any subject I wouldn’t tackle, but I’ve learned to think: never say never!

What is the first thing you remember reading?  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  My mom would read that and Pinnochio to me every night before bed, big hardcover books with gorgeous color pictures that were given to me by my Uncle Jeff (who was just a teenager at the time, so an incredibly thoughtful thing for a teen boy to do).  I think the combination of words and pictures captured me and then never let me go.  I’ve been a big reader since age 4.  I was reading both Harlequin romances and classic American literature too at age 8.  I was a huge Stephen King fan when I was only 14 and read every book I could get my hands on.  I’m a fast reader, so I can read a large novel in just a few hours.

Who inspires you?  My husband.  He’s endlessly patient and good to me and our kids, even when we don’t deserve it.  I’d like to be as nice and dependable as him some day. Being dependable is WORK!  It’s so much easier to be lazy and not follow through with stuff.  lol

If you could spend a day with any character from one of your books, who would it be?  Well, if I wanted intellectual stimulation, I’d say Anton Dardennes, because he’s been around a looooong time an he knows more about the Light and Dark Fae than probably anyone.  But if I want a different kind of stimulation, then I’d say Spike.  He’s one of my faves.  🙂

Jayne vs Bryn Who would win?  Bryn (from Apocalypsis) unless Jayne busted out her elements.  Physically, Bryn is more fit and trained, but you can’t fight the Green. 🙂

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