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Indie Hop

I love Indie books. Truly, I do. And even more than I love Indie books, I love being a part of a really amazing Indie Author community. Writing is, by most conventions, a solitary profession. Except when it isn’t.

Through the course of publishing, I’ve met some amazing people. Some from my critique group, some through publishing forums, and some through emails and blogs. I love indie readers and I love indie authors.

The outpouring of support I feel from readers and fellow authors and bloggers every single day keeps me in my chair writing.

I jumped at the chance to join this blog hop because there isn’t much I like more than talking about all the books I love. So instead of pimping my books for this, allow me to pimp a few awesome indie authors who I’m honored to call peers.


Elle is seriously my hero. No lie. I love reading her books and I love chatting with her as an author. She is a true inspiration in how dedicated she is to helping other authors. She just made the NYT Bestseller list and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

I love everything Elle writes, but my favorite by her is still War of the fae.


Julie is the cream of the cool. I have no idea where she finds time for everything she does. She gives back by blogging about books and helping to promote other indies. I especially like that she not only runs a NA blog, but a Clean Teens Blog. That’s such an important subset of books that can often be easily overlooked and hard to find. Her own books are sassy, funny, and unique. My personal favorite of hers is Losing Francesca




H.M. Ward sells a lot of books. Like, a lot a lot. I doubt she has a moment to breath, but every chance she gets she shares what she is learning along the way with other indies. She’s a true champion in that she constantly makes time to share her success not in a “hey look at me” sort of way, but in a “how can I help you do this too” sort of way.

Check out my favorite by her – Damaged


The three ladies above are each undoubtedly fabulous, experienced indie authors who are gripping the indie publishing bull by the horns and making names for themselves. Allow me to also feature two of my fellow indies who are just starting out and who I think have promising careers ahead of them.


I had the exquisite pleasure of beta reading Nadine’s book, Serving Time, and it was fabulous. Nadine has a way with words that rivals any master wordsmith. Each phrase melds into a perfect symphony, making reading her writing pleasurable for the experience as much as for the story.


Ryan’s book, Aundes Aura is a captivating fantasy and Ryan himself is a friendly, always eager to help kind of guy. He offers tireless encouragement on our critique forum, and his book is diamond just waiting to be discovered.


Are you done taking a look through their books? Now, because this is a giveaway hop, I have a chance for you to win your choice of one ebook from the authors above. I’ve only linked one book from each author, but you can pick whichever you like from their lineup.

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