Good news and lots of it

Gifted Stone by Kelly Walker

I’ve got good news. Actually, I’ve got lots of good news. The first of which, we sailed through hurricane-post-tropical-Super-pain-in-the-butt Sandy just fine.

The kids had two days off school, the hubby had two days off work and I’m up to my ears in togetherness and having my workspace invaded.

That aside, we were fortunate and I am looking forward to peace and quiet tomorrow.

Aside from working on not strangling my family, I’ve been working on a short story compilation to complement the Souls of the Stones main trilogy. Called Gifted Stone, this pair of short stories will release in December (hopefully December 1st)

The Day Of The Three –
Emariya misses her home and her Father on this very special holiday. Will Torian’s gift cheer her up?

Keeping Secrets – Told through Rink’s perspective and set during Cornerstone while he and Jessa are alone – Do you know Rink’s secret?

I’ve already got a page up on GoodReads for Gifted Stone, so be sure and add it to your TBR list.

Gifted Stone will be priced at 99 cents BUT it will be emailed to my newsletter subscribers for FREE. So, while you are here, make sure to sign up for my newsletter – the sign up box is in the top right of my blog.

I’ve also got a page up on Goodreads for Second Stone – I’ll be unveiling the cover soon. (November 7th). If you are a blogger and would like to participate in the cover reveal, please let me know.