Feature and Follow Friday: DNF?

Feature and Follow FridayIt’s  time for Feature and Follow Friday, hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Allison Can Read!

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This weeks question is:

[box style=”gray rounded” ]How do you handle a book you don’t like? Do you DNF or do you power through?[/box]

Can I just DNF my week? Seriously, it’s been that rotten. Bring on the weekend.

Whining aside, it depends on the source of the book. If it’s something I downloaded for free through a free promotion on Amazon, I have no qualms about quitting. I often read the first few paragraphs and if I’m hooked I keep reading and if I’m not I put it aside until the next time I feel like giving it a try. I don’t really consider that a DNF though, because I didn’t really give it much chance to grab me.

If it is something I bought, I usually try to stick it out a little longer but I’m still not at all afraid to abandon it until a later time.

If I check it out from the library I feel like I have to read it, because while I have it checked out others can’t. It gives me a sense of obligation and I’ll power through no matter what.

I try to be very picky about the ARCs I select and I do everything in my power to get through them but on the chance that I just can’t get into it, I will mostly just put it aside and remove it from my TBR and leave it at that, letting my relationship with the book quietly fade away. I’ve only ever marked one book DNF, because I feel like marking something as a DNF sends a strong negative message and that generally isn’t something I want to do. I have to be completely disgusted with the quality of a book to actually mark it down as DNF.

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