Feature and Follow: Author Playdates and Moms

I got a little confused this morning. I’d like to say it is because it was too early and I hadn’t had enough coffee, but really, I’m just easily confused. And I like shiny things. Wait…

Ok, back on track. I saw a link on twitter to F&F this morning and clicked it, but it was to a different week’s F&F. Once I figured out my mistake, I decide to just leave that answer, and add this weeks too. So, ignore my silliness. 

Q:  If you could hang out with any author (living) who would it be and what would you want to do?

I can answer this one easily, AND it ties in really well with an awesome event I’ve got going on this week. Without a doubt, I’d want to hang out with Elle Casey. Not only do I absolutely adore her books, she is very inspiring, approachable, and just an all around awesome person. She never fails to take time to help out a new author, and she’s given me invaluable advice over the last year or so. Elle is truly committed to giving back to the Indie community. This week, as a way of doing that, she is holding a massive giveaway with 190 authors participating. She’s doing all the work of handling signups, picking winners, everything! And that is no small feat when giving away 1500 books. It really is incredible. As for what I’d want to do if we got to hang out for a day, I don’t really know. Maybe get coffee, (or something stronger.) But no matter what we did, it would be a day to remember. If you haven’t read Elle’s books, you should =) and you can follow her on facebook, where she regularly chats with fans, which is the next best thing to getting to hang out with her for a day.

Q: Happy Mother’s Day – Who is your favorite Mom from fiction? This may be a totally unpopular answer, but Cersei Lannister. I hate the things she does to characters I love, but as a Mom, you can’t beat her (unless you don’t want your children to grow up to be rotten spoiled brats, of course.) She will do anything (even awful, despicable things) for her kids.