Feature and Follow – A letter to…

I have often wanted to tell my characters things. They tell me things all the time, after all. In the middle of the night. During sex. (sorry honey.) While I’m cooking dinner, or in the shower.

Sometimes, Riya makes choices that aren’t what I want her to, but are what she would do. If I could write a letter to her, here is what I’d say:

Dear Riya,

Lose the stubborn pride. One of these days you will realize how lucky you are to have a man who loves you, wants to protect you and would die for you. (literally.) He doesn’t try to protect you because he thinks you are weak. He tries to protect you because you are his, and we protect the things we cherish. See it for what it is and quit being such a brat.

Find forgiveness Love is well on its way to healing your heartache, but without forgiveness, the scars will only grow bolder. Never forget, and be careful who you trust, but figure out how to forgive. Once upon a time, you loved the people you now hate. Remember that, and remember what it was that you loved about them. Use that to try and understand them, and realize you didn’t make their choices for them. You are so worried about following or not following in your mother’s path, living her destiny, that you are forgetting to live your own. You can’t hide from life’s moments, no matter how hard you try.

Last, but certainly not least, always carry a knife. Always carry your herb bag, and for the love of my sanity, don’t forget your mindroot!

I thought it would be fun to write to other characters too, from books I’ve loved. How about Abby, from Beautiful Disaster.

Dear Abby,

Get over yourself. There I said it. Travis should have said it a long time ago. Instead of throwing things, he should be throwing you out of his life. You are a self-indulgent, spoiled, brat. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I enjoyed reading about you so much. Somehow, I want to see you fix yourself. But please, quit making excuses. We all have baggage. Our baggage doesn’t give us free reign to treat others like crap. Yes, Travis carries his baggage around too, and makes stupid choices, and acts like an idiot. He’s a man, get used to it. 

Join the drama club to get it out of your system and maybe then you and Travis can take a real go at things.

Gosh, I could write soo many more of these. 

Can you write one to anyone? Either your own character or from a book you’ve read? Head over to Parajunkee or Alison can read and join us!