Emergency Alert – Go get this free book!

This is a message from your friendly neighborhood blog. Go by this book. Now. Don’t walk, run, over to amazon where Elle Casey’s book Wrecked is FREE. I recently read the first book in her War of The Fae series and I loved it. Loved it.

Please pick up this free copy and help support this fantastic indie author. – I haven’t read Wrecked yet, because I just snagged it myself, but I do not think it will disappoint.

Why are you still reading this blog post? You should be reading the book!

(The 2nd edition of this book was published May 22, 2012 to address minor editing issues mentioned by readers. If you previously purchased a copy, you may email Amazon for a new FREE copy of the 2nd edition.)
High Seas and High Adventure from the author of The Changlings, War of the Fae.
If you liked The Breakfast Club and The Swiss Family Robinson, you’ll love WRECKED!

An ill-fated Caribbean cruise and four teenagers: a nerd, a jock, a mouse, and a beauty queen…an island, a treehouse, some nefarious interlopers…life and death…fear and loathing…love and laughter.

Follow Jonathan, Kevin, Candi and Sarah as they find their typical high school lives and their worlds totally WRECKED.