Cover Crazies.

Edit. Cut. Tweak cover. Edit. Sigh at own mistakes. Tweak cover. So far, this has been my week. Trying to polish my manuscript till it shines. Attacking those blasted misplaced commas and extra spaces. When I feel like the letters are starting to swim I go back to the cover. Anyway, right now I think that my cover is more polished than my manuscript, so I thought I would share a little peak of the direction I think I am going to take it.

I want it to look good big, small, in your hand in print, on the lists at amazon and Good Reads and anywhere else it is fortunate enough to end up.

I also wanted it to theme mostly around the look and feel of Thalmas (grey, rocky, barren, mountainous region that our heroine travels in the novel. ) It was also important to me to come up with a cover that I can easily carry forward to keep a theme for the next two installments in the series, to make them recognizable as parts of a whole.

If this doesn’t work I may try and utilize the silver wolf on black that is the symbol of the Ahlens (Ruling family of Thalmas ) which is another concept that would be easy to carry forward.