Cornerstone: The Journey -Off to the editor.

It is official. I’ve hit send on my email page, and Cornerstone has sailed off on the final leg of its pre- publication journey.

Although it packed light (A map, A Cover, and lots of pages) it carries with it my hopes and dreams.

All I am left with now is my own anxiety as I sit at home, the Mom whose manuscript baby has ventured out for its first day of school.

I know when it comes home it will have learned many things. Proper punctuation, Spelling. Word choice. Maybe even a little bit of math.

And I, the dutiful mother that I am, will stare intently over its shoulder and help it with its homework. I will be confused of course, and overwhelmed at times, I am sure. I might even bemoan the fact that I haven’t seen assignments like these since I left school many years before and so much has changed, how can I possibly hope to keep up with its assignments. The work that must be done before it ventures forth to the world, displaying its accomplishments for all to see while I cheer from the background.

If you’ve ever sent a manuscript away for editing, you know exactly what I am talking about. Sending off your manuscript is terrifying and exciting. It really does feel like sending your kid off for their first day of school. In fact, today my daughter has a speech to give to try and get a position on the student council. I am nervously left at home, waiting and wondering how it is going with no idea of whether I will need to congradulate or console her upon her return.

And it’s the same with my novel, currently at the editor. Today is my editors first day with it, and I sit here on pins and needles, waiting for its return.

This will be my first time working with a professional editor, and to say I’m nervous would be a vast understatement. I know I am not the only indie to face this crucial first step, so I’ve decided to document this very important leg of the journey here on my blog, and hopefully it will help others as well.

If you’reĀ  interested in watching another editing journey, Thomas Rydder has done much the same on his own blog.