Cornerstone Paperbacks

Cornerstone by Kelly Walker

 I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it is to hold your own book in your hand for the very first time. Magical comes close, but even that is vastly understated. The proof of Cornerstone came yesterday.

I had already decided on a few minor inside tweaks like adding sneak peak of the cover and description of Second Stone to the back, but overall, the proof was great! The colors are exactly as I intended. Emariya looks gritty and vivid and perfect. Above you can see the front cover.

Cornerstone by Kelly Walker

I love the back even more than the front. I had an extremely clear image of what I wanted for the back. Those that have read the book know the significance of the white horse.  I love how the image blends perfectly around the book, exactly as I planned.

Cornerstone, Twilight

For a size comparison, I put it against some hardbacks. As you can see, it is a bit tall for a paperback, but still a comfortable size, just smaller than a hardback. Its final length tallied in at 342 pages.

Right now, it is available for purchase directly from the CreateSpace eStore and on

I’ve listed it to be available to independent bookstores, national chains like Barnes and Nobles as well as libraries but it may take 6-8 weeks before it appears in their ordering avenues. Even then, without customer requests I doubt they will order any.