Cornerstone Audiobook – Coming soon!

                          Cornerstone Audiobook

Cornerstone is coming to Audiobook!

I asked the narrator, Kate Metroka, a few questions. I absolutely love the life that Kate has breathed into Cornerstone, and I think you guys are going to find her absolutely amazing. Her work on the project so far has brought tears to my eyes several times, because it is just so amazing to hear these words that have ran through my head so far. She has totally nailed the characterization, and really took the book to the next level. For example, Valencia doesn’t have many lines in Cornerstone, but one of her early ones is very emotionally charged. When I heard Kate speak it, I cried. I have the first chapter available for listening on my website.

What drew you to Cornerstone?
Cornerstone will actually be the first audiobook that I have ever done, and now I am hooked!

I loved exploring the character voices and setting the tone of each scene and creating the world these characters live in. It was easy to do, because the writing and the story are so magnetic. Once I started reading Cornerstone, I got sucked in, and couldn’t put it down. To help bring this riveting story to life has been so enjoyable.


Which voice was your favorite to do?
My favorite voices to do were Jessa and Old Man Bosch. I wish Old Man Bosch had more lines, because he was such a real person in my mind! As far as Jessa was concerned, I have friends like her in real life- protective and conservative in public, but bubbly and silly in private- so I channeled those midwest friends (I’m from Indiana originally) of mine from my home town.

How long have you been acting?

I have been acting professionally for five years, with an extensive background in theatre, but this is my first (of hopefully many!) voice over project.  

What’s your favorite book?
My personal favorite books are (such a tough question!) the Hunger Games Trilogy, or anything written by Jodi Picoult.

What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movies are Titanic and Moulin Rouge.

So there you guys have it! Your first taste of Cornerstone on Audio and the very talented Kate Metroka.