Chadwell Hearts — The Complete Series

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Chadwell Hearts Box Set

The Complete Chadwell Hearts Series

As I was working on Promise Me, I spent a lot of time going back and reading the four books of the Chadwell Hearts series that I’d already published. There is some overlap of timelines, and I wanted to make sure I got it right. And as I went back and read, I realized two things: One, Promise Me doesn’t fit with the rest of the series. The tone is different, the subject matter is different, and the arc is different. While I absolutely think everyone who has loved our Chadwell Gang this far will adore Promise Me, Promise Me just doesn’t fit under the series umbrella. It’s truly a standalone. Second, Forever My Angel is the perfect “conclussion” to Chadwell Hearts.

Once I realized that, creating a series set just made sense. And to make it extra special, I decided to include ALL bonus content I’ve put out for Chadwell Hearts. If you buy this boxed set, you’re truly getting everything. The special short story that was part of the First Love anthology. Ian’s prequel short story from the One anthology. And the bonus scenes from the end of Forever My Angel.

You get everything.

Right now this is only available in eBook form. It will be available in paperback soon, and I may do a special hardcover edition if there is demand for it.

I’ve also updated the covers of the individual books to create a more cohesive series set. The ebooks have been updated, and soon there will be new paperback versions.

If you want one of the old covers in paperback form, order soon.

The ebook boxed set is on sale through today for just $2.99. At less than a dollar a book, that’s a steal. Regular price will be $7.99.




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