Editing – The Journey

Lesson #1 in awesome editors and why we need them. Pulling the heavy door inward, she ushered Jessa inside before shoving the bolt back into place. The door slammed shut with a resounding thud, shutting out the rest of the estate once more. I even […]

Freebie Alert : Smokeless Fire

Isn’t that a gorgeous cover? I have heard really good things about Smokeless fire, and it is free today! I haven’t read it yet so can’t give a review but it definitely is worth the money at FREE. This one I suspect will be a […]

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How can you preach kindness, gratitude and humility in one line and blast the sharing of goodwill and ideas, helping fellow writers a few lines down? Have you ever joined a critique group or had your work beta read? Do you not work through plot […]

As Authors, We Have To Know Better

I tend to try and stay away from hot button issues. While I often encounter online drama, especially in the book community, I try not to get involved. I read and watch so that I can be informed in what is going on in the […]

Emergency Alert – Go get this free book!

This is a message from your friendly neighborhood blog. Go by this book. Now. Don’t walk, run, over to amazon where Elle Casey’s book Wrecked is FREE. I recently read the first book in her War of The Fae series and I loved it. Loved […]