Cover Reveal and Release news

Cover Reveal and Release news

Now that summer is winding down, I’ve got lots of awesome releases headed your way this fall. First up, I’ve got a Chadwell Hearts short story (technically it’s a novelette)  called One Night Wife in an anthology called ONE, that releases on September 1st! Isn’t 

Amazon’s Inaffective Review Policing

Either Amazon’s algorithims that are designed to weed out reviews by those with a interest in the product, or affiliated with the product are selective, or ineffective. Not long ago, shortly after the John Locke business exploded, reviews began disappearing left and right from amazon, 

Let’s Step Beyond the Curtain

I am going to take a moment to attempt to be a bit educational or at the very least informative here. This isn’t my typical style, so please bear with me. Indie authors, self published authors, whatever you want to call us, we are in