Souls of the Stones – Blog Tour Signups now open.

Souls of the Stones is going on tour! Lots of exciting things are happening for the series over the next few months. Broken Stone will release in May, and Severed Stone (a prequel) will release in June. To celebrate, I’m arranging a blog tour. I’ll 

Gifted Stone Now Available

I am so thrilled to announce that Gifted Stone (Souls Of The Stones) is now available. This book contains two short stories. The Day of The Three is about celebrating a special holiday at Castle Ahlen (Essentially a Christmas story) and Keeping Secrets is the 

Good news and lots of it

I’ve got good news. Actually, I’ve got lots of good news. The first of which, we sailed through hurricane-post-tropical-Super-pain-in-the-butt Sandy just fine. The kids had two days off school, the hubby had two days off work and I’m up to my ears in togetherness and