Blog Tour – Day 3

Today I’m hanging out over on the Paperback Princesses! They asked me why I write YA and to find out my answer head on over and have a look! Also, it seems Amazon has put the Cornerstone Paperback on sale, perhaps because of my kindle 

Blog Tour Day 2

Today Cornerstone is at Moosubi Reviews! The wonderful tour host Rachel was the first to post a GiF about Cornerstone, and I have to say it was pretty neat! I can see myself easily becoming addicted to them.  Go check out what she had to 

the Cornerstone Blog Tour STARTS NOW

Good morning good morning! Are you bleary-eyed, desperately needing caffeine and exhausted from lots of words racing through your head as your slept? No, I suppose it’s just me then. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and we had our kick off party last night. It was 

Good news and lots of it

I’ve got good news. Actually, I’ve got lots of good news. The first of which, we sailed through hurricane-post-tropical-Super-pain-in-the-butt Sandy just fine. The kids had two days off school, the hubby had two days off work and I’m up to my ears in togetherness and 


Let’s talk for a minute about being truly thankful. No, no, don’t worry. You didn’t go to sleep and wake up to find that time has slipped away and it’s already November. (That’s next week) I know November is traditionally the month when we discuss 

Cornerstone Paperbacks

 I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it is to hold your own book in your hand for the very first time. Magical comes close, but even that is vastly understated. The proof of Cornerstone came yesterday. I had already decided on a few 

Cornerstone Blog Wear

  I’ve just added a bunch of Fan Banners to the Cornerstone page! Feel free to add them to your collection for your blog!

It’s like interview week around here!

Have you checked out my interview on Thomas Rydder’s Blog? It’s the very first interview I’ve given and I was thrilled to give it to a friend of mine.I’ve got another interview coming up on November 1st, but I will give you all more details 

Cloverpuff interviews Emariya Warren from Cornerstone

My friend Nadine put this together and I thought it looked like fun, so I joined in.  Hello everybody! I’m Cloverpuff, the dimension-hopping rabbit. I’ll be popping by your novels this week, asking your characters these questions:What’s your name? Emariya Warren, technically. Though formally I’m 

SALE and Celebration

Cornerstone has been on sale for nearly a week now =) *Happy Little Dance* Ok, dancing aside, or maybe more dancing…I’ve got my very first interview as an author lined up tomorrow on Thomas Rydder’s blog! To celebrate, I’ve put Cornerstone on sale for 99