And we’re back!

Not sure if you’ve been around the site over the last 36 hours or so, but if so, let me apologize. Somehow, I broke something. Or something broke. Gerbils died. I really don’t know. Fortunately, after a lot of cussing, screaming and praying, thing seem […]

Blog Tour Stop: Persephone of Erebus- Giveaway and Interview with RIya

This tour stop was so much fun! Riya popped by and answered a ton of questions, and she had some surprising things to say.  Don’t forget to comment on her post to be entered for a chance to win!

I was interviewed on Little Book Star today

Another quick heads up, I was interviewed on Little Book Star today! And…I’m supposed to be writing Broken Stone. Instead I’m procrastinating… …Still procrastinating. Ok ok, off to write!

Indie Inspiration: Elle Casey

If you’ve spent any time around my blog, you’ve seen me singing the praises of one of my favorite authors. I downloaded Elle’s The Changelings (War Of The Fae, Book 1) for free during one of her promotions and I was instantly hooked. I’ve been […]

It’s like interview week around here!

Have you checked out my interview on Thomas Rydder’s Blog? It’s the very first interview I’ve given and I was thrilled to give it to a friend of mine.I’ve got another interview coming up on November 1st, but I will give you all more details […]

Cloverpuff interviews Emariya Warren from Cornerstone

My friend Nadine put this together and I thought it looked like fun, so I joined in.  Hello everybody! I’m Cloverpuff, the dimension-hopping rabbit. I’ll be popping by your novels this week, asking your characters these questions:What’s your name? Emariya Warren, technically. Though formally I’m […]