Books I’ve Enjoyed: The Sweetest Dark

The Sweetest Dark is a deeply emotional, unexpected treasure.

I connected to Lora almost instantly. Not the things she saw, but just her raw, jagged edges. She is a tortured soul and I think most of us have felt that way at some point or other. Early in I desperately wanted to see her rise above her circumstances, put her twisty past behind her, and become more than another tragedy, another forgotten girl.

For so long she heard the voice inside her, but was told she was crazy until she believed them. And then, when finally someone told her that she wasn’t, it was like he offered her salvation. I cried for her loved how it turns out that she isn’t the bottom of the lowest of the low. Instead, she is one rare, precious being.

This book is almost entirely devoid of action, and almost even devoid of a plot. But yet I loved it. It felt like a reflective journey that was completely character driven. There were no real tension filled events dragging me through the story, but yet I couldn’t put it down. The character is riveting and raw.

This story is dark. If you aren’t in the mood for that, this isn’t the right tale. Beneath Shana Abe’s beautiful language and amazing imagery, lies a bittersweet tragedy.

I was so impressed with this book that I’d like to read more of the author’s Drakon series. It looks like they may all be loosely connected.