Books I’ve Enjoyed: Suddenly Royal

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another one that I read in one sitting. Awesome, awesome book.

I will admit, when I read the description I had some reservations. There were so many ways this book could have gone wrong. She could have been shallow, everyone around her could have been rotten. It could have all been very unbelievable. But it wasn’t any of those things.

Reading this book, it seems very real, like it could honestly happen tomorrow. It was cute, sexy, funny, well-written, well-edited and a joy to read. There’s no cliffhanger, you aren’t left frustrated and annoyed at the end. I really cannot say enough good things.

If you liked The Princess Diaries, or Cinderella, or Ever After or any of those types of books and movies, you’ll like this I think.

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