Books I’ve Enjoyed: Passion Potion

Passion Potion by Mary Beth Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved so many things about Passion Potion. (View it on Amazon.)

First of all, it was different. The voice was unique, the tone was out of the ordinary. It really doesn’t fit with anything else I’ve read. The best I can place it is sort of like the earliest books in the Vampire Diaries, where it didn’t take itself to seriously, it was told very straightforward and the story really depended on the characters to carry it. There is very little description, but the details that are added are of the world building and parameter building variety, rather than telling you the curtains are blue and the kitchen is painted green. In other words, every word matters.

The pacing is great, the characters were likeable, and the plot made sense. It is set up to have sequel appeal, but it doesn’t end on an irritating cliffhanger, which I really appreciated. At times it was downright funny. Even though some of the plot points sound darker ( dead mom, some guy trying to harm the main character ) it never felt dark. It was so lighthearted, I found myself laughing several times ( but not in that annoying yeah right kind of way. )

Yes, it was cutesy. Yes, it was insta- love. Yes it was YA mixed with a bit of sexy NA adult mixed with fantasy. And yes it was highly entertaining.

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