Books I’ve Enjoyed: Damaged 2

 Damaged 2 (Damaged, #2)Damaged 2by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

II stayed up until midnight waiting for my pre-order to appear. I was a tiny bit disappointed when I noticed it was relatively short, but as soon as I started reading all disappointment fled. I do think the page count above may be an error or an overestimate. The location count on my kindle was approximately 2000, compared to 3300 for Damaged 1.

Sidney and Peter broke my heart in the first few pages and I was instantly drawn in. I came to care about these two so much in the first book, I was thrilled to immerse myself in more of their story. We picked up right where book 1 left off, with no real gap in time at all. But Peter immediately reveals a secret that freaks Sidney out, and that sets the tone for the first part of the book. There were times when I thought Sidney was being an idiot, and making stupid mistakes, but I think that adds depth to her, because people aren’t perfect.

Peter is so much more twisted and haunted than I thought, but for both of them this book is a chance at healing. Peter is such a swoon-worthy character, and that has definitely not changed between the books. I was able to see how different he was now that his secret was out, and I think that helped me related to how Sidney was feeling with trying to accept the truth.

I had worried a little bit that I might be lost or confused because I haven’t read The Arrangement series at all, but I wasn’t. I’ve read the description of The Arrangement so I know which characters crossed over, and there were no problems with meeting those characters for the first time. I didn’t feel lost at all. I didn’t like Sean very much, and I wonder if that would be different if I’d read the other series, but I did like Avery. I do get the impression that Sean means well, and his part in the end made my draw completely drop.

I loved that we got the end of the story, without a cliffhanger, and I thought the end was very rewarding.

I laughed and cried then laughed some more. Between the turkey and the coffee and their banter, it was just an all around delight. I really didn’t expect it to be so darn funny, but it was. I constantly laughed at the things they were saying to each other. I think because it is dealing with Sidney’s dark past, I expected it to be very emotional, and while parts definitely were, the humor helped keep this one lighter than Damaged 1.

The content was sexy but not explicit, and I think this book is perfect for anyone who likes romance of any heat level.

In conclusion, if you liked book 1, I highly suspect you will like book 2. It was a rewarding read, and my only complaint is the length. But I am not even too disappointed by that because the pacing was perfect. I’d rather an enjoyable short read than a long read that drags and bores me. I would not recommend reading this book until after you’ve read Damaged, because I think you would lose a lot of the context without the first part of their story.