Books I recommend – Losing Hope

Books I recommend – Losing Hope

Losing Hope: A Novelby Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best thing about Losing Hope, is that it wasn’t just Hopeless from a different POV.

So much more was revealed about Holder’s story, that this truly is a unique book in and of itself. In this, Holder’s love for Les truly comes through just as much as his love for Hope. Holder finds a journal in Les’ room shortly after her death, and he begins writing her letters. The letters span over a year, and we get to see so much of his growth toward accepting what his sister did, as well as his feelings about Hope and Sky.

The writing was fantastic, the pace was perfect, and Holder is still as dreamy as ever. I read Hopeless about 3 days before Losing Hope, and I never got bored, because there was so much that was new. So please, if you are hesitant to pick this up, afraid it won’t be worth it as a companion novel, think again, because Losing Hope is fantastic.

*** I received a reviewers copy through NetGalley.