Authors and Mothers

My mother taught me a parent’s job is to raise a productive member of society. I think an author’s job is much the same. We plot, brainstorm, edit, fix and create a book, that hopefully goes on to be a productive method of entertainment for our readers.

Now, my mother went through quite a lot on her journey to make me a productive member of society, and I’d like to think she was successful at it. The same goes for my journey to produce my book.

And just like my mother eventually had to let me go, and watch me learn from my own mistakes in relationships, school and life decisions, I’ve now set my book free and I have to hope and pray the lessons I’ve given it are enough to let it stand on its own.

Today, Cornerstone launched on Amazon.

I joined Amazon’s kindle select program, and what that means is Cornerstone is exclusive to Amazon for the next 90 days. The benefit to you, is I will have the option to run a few free promo days throughout my exclusivity period.

The paperback version will be available in a few weeks, I am currently waiting on the final, print worthy map from an illustrator. In the meantime, the kindle version is available to be enjoyed.

Even though Cornerstone is only available on kindle, it is being sold DRM free, meaning you are welcome to convert it through program’s like Calibre to epub/pdf or another format of your choice.

If you have any trouble with the format, please contact me and I will convert the file for you. I do want Cornerstone to be available to each and every reader that wants to enjoy it.

About the book:
In a world comprised of three rival kingdoms as different from each other as the families that rule them, Emariya Warren is unique in being a daughter of not one but two of the ruling families.

Sixteen years ago, Emariya narrowly escaped dying on their cold estate floor beside her mother. Now, after learning her father has been captured, Emariya makes the desperate decision to follow in her mother’s ill-fated footsteps and journey to marry the prince of a rival land, Torian Ahlen. But when Emariya discovers the secrets of the three families and an ominous prophecy warning the three bloodlines must never be combined, she begins to fear the handsome prince waiting for her may desire more than to steal her heart.

CORNERSTONE is a full length Young Adult fantasy.
Mature Content – Cornerstone does include a few minor curse words. No sexual or explicit content.